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About me

Welcome to my website
I am a UK based contemporary artist specializing in printmaking and work in a purpose built studio at Turville Studios which was built in 2019 to accommodate six artists.  It was the brainchild of Danny and Angela Fois and their daughter Sophie (who is also a resident artist).  The studios are situated in the picturesque and quintessentially English village of Turville (nr Henley-on-Thames) in the lovely Chiltern Hills in S E England.   
Although I initially trained as a painter I now specialise in Printmaking.  The subject matter and style of my work is constantly evolving and in the main is driven largely by the tangible visible things in the world around me.  One constant is however my preoccupation with composition and pictorial space.   Often (but not always) I make pictures which although are loosely figurative, have abstract elements to create something I hope the viewer finds visually exciting.   I suppose I want to imbue each picture with the essence of what I see rather than the actuality.  I often draw and paint from images I take with my camera.  I love the alchemy of printmaking.  The myriad of surprises using each technique seem to create 'happy accidents' and total disasters in equal measure! I am constantly learning, attempting to hone my techniques. 
Five other artists each have their own studio space on the site - their diverse specialisms range from Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, and Art Photography.  Please see the group website for further details. 
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